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Netlify Build

The Git workflow for web development.
Build, deploy, and manage modern web projects.

Instant continuous

Netlify Build is all the infrastructure and automation you need to go from Git to global deployment.

  • Your team commits code in Git
  • Netlify Build runs automated builds of your site using your favorite build tools
  • Netlify Build generates a full preview site for every push
  • Netlify Build deploys atomically across multicloud global infrastructure
  • Netlify Build preserves every historical version of your site

The platform that powers team collaboration

Work faster and smarter with deploy previews, staging branches, and custom webhook integrations.

Show and share Deploy Previews

Automatically attach a new Deploy Preview at a unique permanent URL whenever you submit a Pull/Merge Request. It’s posted as a commit status for easy collaboration.

Make each branch its own staging site

Set Netlify Build to deploy every branch in the repository for virtually unlimited staging environments.

Control who can deploy — and when

Lock a site to the latest published deploy. New deploys won’t be published to the main site, although Netlify will still build them and they will be ready for whenever you want to publish them.

Add custom integrations

Use incoming webhooks so other services can trigger Netlify deploys, and send outgoing webhooks as a deploy starts, succeeds, or fails.

Deployments with all the dev-ops done for you

Complex deployments used to require an entire dev-ops team.
With Netlify Build, everything is already setup and fully automated.

Just commit. That’s it!

Push a change in Git — your part is done.
Netlify detects the new commit, rebuilds your site automatically, and deploys the results as an instant global update.

Deploy fearlessly. Rollback effortlessly.

New deploys trigger automatically as you commit to Git, and you can rollback any deploy with just a click in the UI. Every deploy is atomic with no risk of stale assets or incomplete releases—assets, functions, and edge logic all deploy together.

Production-grade at every stage

On Netlify, every deploy — for staging or production — happen on the same global infrastucture we call Netlify Edge. That means what you preview matches exactly what you’ll see once changes are live.

How our atomic deploys work

  • Each deploy updates all code and assets all at once, without any maintenance window.
  • All prior versions remain available at permanent URLs.
  • You can rollback to any version with just a click!

Now, let’s deploy to production

Host all your projects on the same global infrastructure used by Nike, Peloton, Atlassian, and Samsung. It’s called Netlify Edge, and it’s beautifully woven into the same powerful workflow.

Netlify Build

The Git workflow for web development. Build, deploy, and manage modern web projects.

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Netlify Dev

Run our entire platform right on your laptop. Preview it all — site generation, functions, and edge logic.

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Netlify Edge

A new type of application delivery network custom designed for fast, responsive sites and modern workflows.

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