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Netlify Edge

A new type of application delivery network custom designed for blazing fast sites and modern workflows.

Global by default. Multi‑cloud by design.

A global platform with powerful features for managing code and assets.

Distributed just like a CDN, but with advanced functionality for publishing entire sites and applications. Automate builds to prerender content and deploy worldwide to every major cloud provider—including staging, rollbacks, and even A/B testing.

The benefits of Netlify Edge

Faster sites & applications

Global distribution with automated prerendering makes for blazing fast site delivery. Smashing Magazine moved to Netlify for a 10x boost in performance.

Extremely reliable. Extremely secure.

Publish apps across multiple cloud providers for ultimate reliability. And since apps are prerendered, all edge nodes serve secure, static content with little opportunity for exploit.

Beautiful workflows

Connect to Git for instant continuous delivery. Pull requests can generate automatic previews and every branch can be a different staging site. Every deployment is preserved allowing instant rollbacks to any prior state, without rebuilding.

Zero infrastructure required

Deploy direct to Netlify Edge to replace production servers, staging servers, deployment systems, and CDN caching.

Netlify Edge vs Standard CDN

Go beyond a standard CDN with even less to maintain.

Comparison point CDN Netlify Edge
Supports static assets
Works without an origin
Can prerender pages / run builds
Git-integrated CI/CD
Deploys Manual Automatic
Rollbacks Manual Automatic
Cache invalidation Tricky (some risk of stale content) Instant (no risk of stale content)

The technology behind Netlify Edge

Develop modularly. Deploy collectively

Netlify supports atomic deployment of your sites and apps, allowing you to push sets of changes to frontend code and backend functions together, as a unit, without even requiring a maintenance window.

Atomic deploys. Instant cache invalidation.

Cache control on most CDNs is tricky business. On Netlify, every global deploy is an atomic unit representing a state in time of your application. Worldwide caches are updated instantly, supporting richer applications than possible on a CDN. Deploy thousands of times daily without any risk of partial deploys or stale assets.

Worldwide intelligence

Global edge nodes all have built-in intelligence to natively serve A/B tests, phased rollouts, or geographic variations. Advance DNS management and network rules support user authentication, per-page routing, and even proxying to multiple legacy applications—all on the same domain.

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Netlify Edge

A new type of application delivery network custom designed for fast, responsive sites and modern workflows.

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