How the JAMstack enables enterprises to Deliver web projects 10x faster

Learn why Loblaw, Cornerstone OnDemand, Restaurant Brands International and more are using the JAMstack and Netlify to empower their developers

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“Netlify empowers our engineering teams to launch websites and campaigns in minutes with no-ops, a goal that has often been a pipe dream in our industry.”

Photo of Justin Watts Engineering Director at Loblaw Digital
Justin Watts
Engineering Director, Loblaw Digital

Loblaw is Canada's largest retailer

Want to win on the web?

Focus on building product, not infrastructure.
This paper shows you how.

  • Reduce recruiting cycles from months to weeks and retain developers
  • Empower developers to deliver new web properties 10X faster
  • Capture more leads and revenue by improving time to interactive and site performance by 92%
  • Reduce costs by 65% with no need to worry about infrastructure overhead
  • Deliver secure web properties with streamlined architecture and ephemeral environments

JAMstack delivers business value

The JAMstack modern web architecture (based on JavaScript, APIs and Markup) enables businesses to build responsive websites and applications that load faster, are always-on, and provide instant, highly performant functionality for customers.

  • Talent Attraction

    Being built on a modern stack, enterprises are better able to recruit and retain the best developer talent.

  • Cost savings

    Save more than 65% on web projects by reducing infrastructure overhead and maintenance of legacy systems.

  • Velocity

    Deliver new web projects 10x faster and iterate quickly with no monolithic code base or infrastructure to manage.

What will you learn from this white paper:

  • The Top 3 JAMstack superpowers for enterprise
  • How the JAMstack is being used today to help developers focus on building product, not infrastructure
  • What developers find so empowering in the host of capabilities the JAMstack offers
  • How the JAMstack helps CTOs manage more teams, reduce complexity and increase productivity
  • Why CMOs love the way the JAMstack helps them capture more sales and enhance customer experience by retaining top creative talent, updating sites rapidly and giving customers instant accessibility to make purchases
  • How CIOs using the JAMstack enjoy complete assurance of integrity of the code base, full version control, and freedom from complexity
  • Why Netlify embraces the JAMstack in our all-in-one platform for automating modern web projects.